One Fine Baby | Melbourne Fair 2019

Welcome to the first Baby Expo Awards!

We’ve compiled the must-have products and services to be found at the Melbourne One Fine Baby Fair; September 14 and 15 at the Carlton Exhibition Building.

baby expo awards winner

Here are the winners of each category;

  • Out & About; Puggle Baby Australia’s Adventure Nappy backpack
  • Snack Time; Subo Food Bottle
  • Play Time, Little Wiwa play mats
  • Bath Time; Towelling Stories
  • Sleep Time; Baby Loves Sleep
  • Nutrition for Mum; Smoothie Bombs
  • Helpful around the house; Kneepal
  • Luxury; Baby Spa
  • Safety; Tiny Hearts

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Out & About; Puggle Baby Australia’s Adventure Nappy Backpack

puggle baby australia nappy backpack winner

What is it?

A nappy bag backpack (RRP $179)

Why you need it

  • Now you are a parent you have a certain amount of “shit” that you need to take with you every time you leave the house. Yes, Dad, there are things that you need to take with you, apart from your phone and wallet. I’ll let Mum tell you about what is required for an outing 😉.
  • It’s designed to keep all your baby things super organised in its clever storage compartments. Seriously I can’t tell you about all of its well thought out pockets here (there are too many). However, a few cool features are the RFID pocket, laptop pocket, huge amount of nappy storage and it’s water repellent shell. Making it nice and durable.
  • It’s really comfy
  • Dads love it, which means they are happy to carry it. Which means they can now do MORE nappy changing. Winning!!
  • Peace of mind for Mum. Knowing that if you are leaving bubs with anyone (Grandparents, Dad etc.) they will have everything they need
  • Helps you get out of the house easier.
  • Will save your back from carrying a shoulder bag and juggling a baby.

Feeding; Subo Food Bottle

Subo food bottle winner

What is it?

A mess-free food bottle (RRP $29.95)

Why you need it

  • In two words; NO MESS!
  • No food wastage, so it saves you money in the long run
  • As parents, you need this! When it comes to feeding time at the zoo, kids are messy
  • Helps food get into their bellies and not on the floor. This product is not for you if you enjoy getting down on your hands and knees and picking food up after your kids 😉.

Play Time; Little Wiwa

little wiwa play mat winner

What is it?

Cool looking foam play mats (RRP from $99)

Why you need it

  • Help protect bubs from tumbles and head bumps when they start playing. Enough said! That’s a good reason to buy 😊.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you can leave bubs on the mat and do a quick wee. Because let’s face it, now you’re a parent you don’t have much (if any) time to yourself.
  • Cool designs. Your house will become flooded with primary colours now you have kids, so at least you can keep your living room floor looking a touch more fashionable.
  • You will spend most of your day on the floor, and after a while, your knees and back will feel it. So look after yourself and invest in one of these nice squishy mats.

Bath Time; Towelling Stories

towelling stories winner

What is it?

A towel that clips around your neck, so you can easily get bubs out of the bath (RRP $64.95)

Why you need it

  • Can do a super quick change over from tub to bub with a dripping wet/possibly screaming baby as they realise that it’s FREEZING out of the bath and they are looking at you wondering why you don’t have your shit together and have them already wrapped up and warm.
  • Will help you feel more confident at bath time
  • We juggle enough as parents, don’t let bath time be another juggling act. Especially around water and with a slippery baby. Buy the towel, wrap them up and give them a big snuggly cuddle

Sleep Time; Baby Loves Sleep

baby-loves-sleep winner

What is it?

Baby sleeping bags (RRP from $59.95)

Why you need it;

  • Sleeping bags are SO MUCH easier to use than swaddles or wraps. Our first bubba refused to stay in her swaddles and it was such a pain in the arse to re-wrap her in the middle of the night.
  • Easy to wash!
  • They’ve got different material weights, so can get summer ones and winter ones.
  • They’re super cute!

Nutrition; Smoothie Bombs

smoothie bombs winner

What is it?

Nutritious good stuff rolled into small balls that you add to your smoothie (RRP from $12.95)

Why you need it

  • They are super yummy and nutritious!
  • Quick and easy snack to whip up
  • You don’t have time anymore now you are a parent to buy fancy ingredients for your smoothies
  • Treat yourself. You’ll always put your kids first. Not this time
  • If your kids are fussy eaters, these can be a great way to get some nutrition into them

Helpful around the house; Knee Pal

kneepal aqua winner

What is it?

Foam kneeling pad (RRP $39.95)

*Available at Baby Presents stand

Why you need it

  • It will save your back and knees around bath time (or when assembling the flat pack furniture, like in our house)
  • Also, super handy at the arts and crafts table when you butt does not fit into their tiny chairs. Now you can just kneel on the ground
  • Great for when you are old and the kids have moved out so you decide to take up gardening

Luxury; Baby Spa

baby spa winner

What is it?

A day spa for babies (1 session $89)

Why you need it

  • It’s a day spa for babies! C’mon, what’s not to love!
  • Now you’re a parent it’s all about them not you, sorry…. One day you’ll get back to a day spa by yourself, but for the moment this is as close as you are going to get 😉. You can live vicariously through your bubs and be a little jealous at the same time. But seeing the happy look on their face is totally worth it
  • Your little one will enjoy a relaxing swim in the spa followed by an infant massage by a trained professional
  • It’s something a bit different and will get your bubs used to the water.

Safety; Tiny Hearts

What is it?

Infant First Aid training

Why you need it

  • First aid for babies is a lot different than for adults. So this is a great way to get familiar with what’s required if something happens to your little one
  • Will give you the confidence that if you needed to, you could act fast
  • Invest in this training! Your kids are now the most important things in the whole wide world. So, protect them as best as you can. No crass or quirky reasoning here just invest in this training.

We really hope you have an amazing time at the One Fine Baby fair and check out these super cool products and services.

Entry to the baby fair is free. Click here to get your free ticket now.

If there are any other items you love and want to let our readers know about, please comment below! We would love to hear your thoughts.

The Baby Expo Awards team

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