What are the Baby Expo Awards?

Welcome to Baby Expo Awards!

This year’s Baby Expo must-haves

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Welcome to the world of ‘do I really need this shit?’

The Baby Expo Awards are here to help you navigate through the world of Aussie Baby Expos. They can be amazing, eye-opening and super fun. But they can also be confusing, daunting and downright confronting for a lot of soon-to-be parents.

As experiences ‘Expo Goers’ and parents of two little ones (8 months and three years old), we want to give you our list of the exceptional products and exhibitors at each Australian Baby Expo before you even get there.

We know which products we’ve used, which products we wish we had and which products that we don’t think are much use.

Essentially we’re here to tell give you the list of cool shit you NEED to get you through parenthood.

There are also lots of smaller businesses at these events who you may not have heard of. And these are often the ones who are providing something different, something exciting and something unique. It’s our goal to highlight the amazing products and services provided by these businesses so you might check them out for yourself on the day.